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Dia Guide to DIY Dia Guide to DIY

Dia Guide to DIY

Staying cool and calm during the hottest days of summer is easy with a few style tricks, life hacks and more.

Flower Power

Dress for tending to your garden (even if it’s just on the windowsill). It’s amazing how learning to nurture plants nurtures the spirit, too.

Tie Up A T-Shirt

The versatile T-shirt is August’s hero piece. Cool off by making it cropped when you knot it up in the front or back.

Dress for The Day

If you’d like to commit to an at-home workout routine, dress for it. Choosing comfy clothes can lead to stretching and yoga, while you enjoy the great indoors (hello, AC).

Maximum Chill

Just looking at these ice cream shades can cool you down. Making homemade frozen treats helps, too. 

Au Natural

Embrace showing a little skin. It’s totally liberating to prioritize your comfort and to feel the sunshine.