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Daily Dose Of Doing Good

Our Co-Founder and CEO Nadia Boujarwah has a new series on IG Live, interviewing innovators and creatives who are changing the world for plus size women. Watch every Thursday at 7:30 on IG Live.

Daily Dose Of Doing Good

Fashion gets more inclusive as Gucci Beauty’s 18-year-old campaign star Ellie Goldstein puts the spotlight on models with disabilities. Shine on, Ellie!

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Daily dose of doing good

Dia&Co personality Chrissy Yarde hosts a fun evening with our National Facebook Group on Facebook Live. Tune in as customers share their unboxing experience.

Daily dose of doing good

The “Wine Fairy” does exist! Do-gooders have been leaving drinks and treats on neighbors’ doorsteps around the country. Proof that a little cheer goes a long way.

Feel-Good Suggestions from Dia

On creating routines:

“I make my bed everyday, it helps my room feel put-together and gives me a workspace to do laundry, read a book, or reorganize my closet again.”

- Dia Stylist Alyssa Lowe

Does getting a deal make you feel like you slayed the day, too? Yea, we’re with you.