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We are always inspired and amazed by the extraordinary lives of those within the Dia community. Over the following weeks, we'll introduce you to the first in our Style Tastemakers series along with their favorite styles available at

Celeste Hughey Celeste Hughey


Celeste Hughey

Celeste Hughey is a film and television writer based in Los Angeles. Her work can be seen on Hulu's short-lived but beloved series "High Fidelity", Netflix's award-winning "Dead to Me", and Apple's upcoming "Mrs. American Pie" starring Kristen Wiig and Laura Dern.

Q & A

Get to Know Celeste

what's been a highlight of your career thus far?

Working on "Dead to Me" was a life-changing experience in general but getting to watch Christina Applegate deliver one of my jokes for the first time was a real pinch me moment. She is a comedic genius and I've long admired her work so it was especially surreal to hear my words coming out of her mouth.

How would you describe your style?

Solange on vacation: colorful, comfortable, cool. I wear what makes me feel good, not trends, and am almost always in a dress or jumpsuit.

How has access to fashion/evolution of inclusive fashion impacted your own personal style?

For so much of my life, I could only dress in what was available--which wasn't a whole lot. I had to get creative with colors, accessories, and silhouettes to create a personal aesthetic which, frankly, didn't always land. Now that brands are more inclusive, I finally have the options to cultivate the style my inner fashion girl always wanted.

What outfit makes you feel the most powerful?

I have this incredible African-print suit that I got from the brand Öfuurë (Fun fact: Black designers and Black-owned brands tend to be more size-inclusive). It was only $100 and I spent about the same to get it tailored. When I wear it, I feel unstoppable. It's an outfit that demands confidence and commands attention. I visibly walk taller in it.

Is there a brand/style you'd love to wear that doesn't exist yet in plus?

Loewe and Dries Van Noten. Until then, I have my small but growing collection of their bags to keep me warm.

Who are three of your favorite brands?

Christopher John Rogers, Mara Hoffman & Caalo


I am passionate about The Bail Project's mission to combat mass incarceration and end cash bail. These unjust systems disproportionately harm communities of color and punish the poor. The Bail Project provides free bail assistance, reunites families, fights for a more equitable pre-trial system, and restores the presumption of innocence one person at a time. No one should be held in jail due their inability to pay bail.

Keep up with Celeste's work, style, and life @celestehughey.

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